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I provide a specialist service that offers more than just standard a diet & exercise plan. Everything I do is fully personalised to the individual which guarantee's you will get the very best results. 

It's not a 1 size fits all, cookie cutter approach.... I will leave that to Herbal Life and Weight Watchers!

Therefore, as all my programs are tailored to the clients individual needs its difficult to provide a list of services, so I have outlined briefly the different ways in which I work with my clients to improve their performance in the saddle and get them the body transformation they desire.



The beauty of online coaching is it allows me to help everyone achieve their goals no matter their location or equipment they have access too. It gives you, the client, freedom to fit training around your day to day life without being committed to a hour time slot on a certain day.

In the current situation the world finds itself, in online coaching is the safest and most convineint way for you to achieve your goals.

Invest in yourself ! Say goodbye to Fad diets and hello to the healthier you.

By choosing a online coaching program you are not only going to achieve the results you deserve but you will be learning how to maintain your results for life.

We will cover all areas from, providing you with a flexible and personalised nutrition plan, a tailored workout plan that fits into your lifestyle whilst still getting you to your fitness goals, and hve a deep dive on all things mindset with our team rider pyschologist, leaving you feeling both physically and mentally in the shape of your life.

Although you will be physically doing the training sessions alone and from the comfort of your own home, you will still have the personal support and accountability from me daily, plus a community feel from my private Facebook group, exclusive to clients.
All of this guarantee's you will achieve the results you deserve!

New this year to NMA Fitness, and a first for the equestrian world we have teamed up with a sport analytics expert to really take riding perfroemance to the next level. This software allows use to analyse your riding, on a level that is 98% accurate; more than four times as accurate as the human eye, meaning we can pin-point your weaker areas and any asymmerties you may have. From here I can go on and build a personalised training plan to improve on these areas.

This is going to be revolutionary for the equestrian world!

That being said I only work with individuals that are really ready to make a change, so if you want to improve your health, lifestyle and riding performance click below to get a call booked in and move one step closer to achieving your goals...

In Person Training


I also offer face to face personal training sessions for those in my local area.

These sessions are great if you need the extra push of someone being their in person, every step of the way and ensure you have the correct form and technique.

These sessions are ideally carried out in my local conditioning center, that provides a full range of state of the art conditioning equipment in a clean and sterile environment, however it is possible for me to travel to you if its more convenient - Further travel costs may apply.

£40ps - Plus travel costs if applicable

Rider fitness classes


*** New to NMA Fitness ***
Bringing a high intensity, fun, motivational bootcamp to the Warwickshire area.
Mix up your training and add a bit variety to keep you fit and motivated.The classes are strength based and equestrian focused, run in small groups to create a good energetic but friendly atmosphere. Suitable for all levels, whether your just starting your fitness journey and looking for a fun way to keep in shape with the support of a group or your a serious gym goer looking for a change of scenery.

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